Planning a look for your home.

When we are planning a look for your home we take a lot into consideration:

Size matters!

Scale is important, furniture needs to be in proportion to the room, too big and it’ll make the room look too small, too small and it’ll make the room look unbalanced. The right proportioned furniture mixed with accessories that draw the eye around the room will create a harmonious flow through the home.

Celebrate the differences!

Highlighting special features of the home is essential. Character features, high ceilings, outdoor spaces and extra living areas are just a few of the things that can add value to a home and it’s imperative that they become a feature.

Colour and pattern!

The light and location of a house can make a big difference on weather we use bright colours and bold patterns. Larger homes that get good light look beautiful with paler soft Process colours, mixing neutrals and textures Small spaces that struggle for light respond well to an injection of colour and bolder patterns, creating interesting and exciting spaces that were previously dull.

Property value!

Every staging job needs to be done with the consideration of the potential buyer, staging a home worth a million dollars needs to be staged appropriately and differently to a home for first home buyers. Value is always considered while choosing furnishings, furniture colours and accessories need to appeal to the buyers demographic and tailored appropriately. It’s never as simple as knowing how many rooms need beds and how many need sofas. It’s the culmination of size, light, location and more that can make a big difference on how we choose to dress your home. This is why you hire an expert. This is why Elite Living are so good at what we do!

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