About Me.

Hi, I’m Alicia and I have a passion for interiors and home staging. Creating beautiful interiors for my clients has become my life focus, bringing me joy to help people transform their homes from a blank space into warm inviting homes.

Alicia Walker
Creative Director


I started my career running a successful interior decor store with a strong emphasis on displays and interior design. As my career progressed I began to renovate houses with the aim to resell for profit. After successfully renovating and selling 20 plus houses over a 4 year period I gained an in depth knowledge of what buyers are looking for. How to emphasise the positives and detract from the negatives. Property as I’ve discovered is all about networking and my home staging business grew simply by proving that my design aesthetics and interior styling worked not only within the houses I was renovating myself but also for other clients who were also keen to sell.

The business has grown into Elite Living, a home staging company that prides itself on producing beautifully staged homes that help buyers fall in love with your home. I am equipped with the knowledge, experience and decor to produce beautiful, elegant and inviting spaces that allow buyers to visualise how they will live in your home. Whether it be an apartment, townhouse, large family home or a first home buyers dream, I taylor the decor to every home specifically to the potential buyers. No house too small or large.

I’m all about creating the dream, first impressions are everything and that’s what you need me for. People view your home firstly on line and in social media so your photos become incredibly important, my understanding of scale, colour and decor creates not only a very important first impression in photos but also adds the wow factor any home buyer is looking for. I’ve been in your position, I’ve experienced the stress and excitement that goes along with selling your home. Whether it’s for upsizing, downsizing, investing or developing, selling houses is a rollercoaster and having someone provide a fast and professional service will make the sale experience not only easier but more successful.

I love what I do and look forward to transforming your home into the beauty it deserves to be. – Alicia

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